Monday, August 23, 2010

New Year, Right Age: I am 50 = Let's Celebrate ?!

Since last wednesday it is a fact: I am 50 years old now (!)
So I think it is the right time to pick up my "old" hobby and share it with all of you.
My birthday started with a perfect breackfast. A gift arranged by my dear colleagues from Exloo. The rest of the day we spend in a wellness resort, called "de Zwaluwhoeve". It was nice, but . . . too big. Last saterday we had a party with delicious Spanish food. Homemade by our son's colleague. And while I thought I was lucky, they bring me a puppet in our garden. It says that our house in Sweden is ready and in 10 years we will cellebrate my birthday in Sweden. I hope so.

Allthough it was quiet around me for more then a year (because of many different things . . . ) I managed some LO's.