Saturday, March 1, 2008

Busy weeks

We had some busy two weeks. I had two intervieuws for a job and finaly got the one i wanted most! Yes, next week i'm starting a new job for the council i'll be working for almost 30 years. I'm totaly happy althought it's gonna be a rough year. I keep working for anonther council too and togehter that will do: 38 h/w. That's much, but i give it a try. After a year i'll decide if it's too much. And with sooooo much work there will be less time to scrap(!)
But ... i keep my cropmoments with Anniek and the crop evenings at Birgits. I have to (!)
At the moment i'm preraring for next weekend. Together with Anniek i'm in for the cropweekend with Corinne (Delis) and CĂ©line (Navarro) in Utrecht. Cropping a whole weekend. No worries about cooking, cleaning etc. Just enjoy cropping and nothing else(!)

Finaly i managed to make a composit of a calander i made for my LOL. It's on his office desk now so every month he is able to look at another picture of me ........

A calender i made for my LOL