Thursday, April 10, 2008

A lot of news!!

After my super crop weekend with two leading ladies, Corinne en Celine, I was satisfied but also……… done! It took some time for me before my tiredness was over. My new job costs a lot of energy. And there is still no deputy for my old job. At the moment, I have 3 jobs exactly. Heavy times for now.
But my new job makes it not so difficult. Every day I come home more and more enthusiasticm because I enjoy it very much. I missed the contact with customers.
Nevertheless a few pictures of my scrapalicious weekend, I enjoyed all they offered. Corinne en Celine are wonderfull! I finished the little books at home, because there was not enough time to finish it in one weekend.
I really love boths layouts very much. It’s for sure I will make more of it with the learned techniques. Because of mine enthusiasm I ordered the book ‘Scraptastic’ with more fabulous ideas. I know that I reach the age of 100, but at the moment I miss a lot of time to scrop.
For now: enjoy the layouts I finished . . .

LO's 'scrapalicious' weekend with Corinne Delis & Celine Navarro

Wooden book 'good times'

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Busy weeks

We had some busy two weeks. I had two intervieuws for a job and finaly got the one i wanted most! Yes, next week i'm starting a new job for the council i'll be working for almost 30 years. I'm totaly happy althought it's gonna be a rough year. I keep working for anonther council too and togehter that will do: 38 h/w. That's much, but i give it a try. After a year i'll decide if it's too much. And with sooooo much work there will be less time to scrap(!)
But ... i keep my cropmoments with Anniek and the crop evenings at Birgits. I have to (!)
At the moment i'm preraring for next weekend. Together with Anniek i'm in for the cropweekend with Corinne (Delis) and CĂ©line (Navarro) in Utrecht. Cropping a whole weekend. No worries about cooking, cleaning etc. Just enjoy cropping and nothing else(!)

Finaly i managed to make a composit of a calander i made for my LOL. It's on his office desk now so every month he is able to look at another picture of me ........

A calender i made for my LOL

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Some new Lo's

I needed some time to place the latest LO's. The damage on our PC was more as we hoped for (pfff) ..... but it is fixed now and ..... I am so happy I can use again my silhouette and the photo printer(!) Silly how you get used to using them every day.
The LO with the big bird foto is born at Birgit's place. To finish it I needed my Silhoutte ....
The other one is with one of my favorite huskies: Jacob. Jacob is imported from the USA and is one of the best that ever came to us. He's such a calm, generous, hard working dog that make you love him too (?!)
Last friday I have been cropping again with my girlfriend Anniek ( Not very productieve but lot of fun (haha). We are looking forward to the 8/9 March weekend. Then we join the Scrap-a-Licious Scrapbookweekend ( where Corinne Delis and Celine Navarro are teaching (yammie).

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Back to life

Well …. I’ts about time to bring back my blog to life. For a long time there was not enough time to write down a thing. Or there was no power left in me to take a seat in front of the PC at home. It was a very busy period at work, so I just could not force myself to do the blog too.
At the moment my PC is ‘dead’ and at our son’s place to fix it. And that for almost one week ….. I’ll never realised that a computer is so much needed. There are no mailings from friends, no possibility to look at interesting sites. I even can’t use the Silhouette or print out the pictures.
So for the moment I am not able to place some pictures of my latest works.
As soon – I think next weekend – the PC is fixed I will start placing pictures of some LO’s and promise to keep my blog alive.