Thursday, October 18, 2007

My little big prince

Oh how I love this LO. I love the paper and I love the subject. Eventhough he is 23 years old, he's still my favorite scrap subject.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Some new LO's

Allthough there was not much time for scrapping, I did manage to finish some LO's. The one about Evita is because she is a very naughty dog, allways mischief on her mind . . . But then again she is so cute.
And the violets .....: Every early spring and autumn I love to have violets at our frontdoor. In spring they are telling us that summer is coming and in autumn the violets keep the summer a bit longer to us.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Got a new haircut!

Last week the hairdresser cut my hair very short! I had to get used to it.
My men don’t like it. But I do!

Look at yourself

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Back again

For TO long I haven’t updated my blog. Because of the holidays, illness, another update of my blog, a new design for the scrap room etc etc etc. Sorry for that.

Meanwhile we went on holiday to Sweden en made a few nice pictures from, elks and reindeers. We view a couple of houses, because we have serious plans to buy a second house in Sweden. Where we could spend some time with the dogs en for
our provision for old age. But unfortunately our dream house was not for sale. We love the country and the people so we won’t give up searching. After Sweden we went to Ameland for a long weekend and after that I was sick.

First it’s look like the flu: sometimes high fever, sick, dizzy. But after a week I still felt very sick, and the diagnosis was a virus. Meanwhile my gums were terribly inflamed, so I had to visit the dentist. In short, two weeks of terribly sickness.

I couldn’t work in my scrap room because of my illness. But in the meantime we painted, cover the room with wallpaper, whitewash, put laminate and, there is a big table with 6 chairs ready for lady’s who are just as scrapaddicted as I am . . .

I have to finish the last curtain, a hat rack and a mirror on the wall and then it’s finished!

Have patience for a while.