Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Garden Boy

Wedding day

I'm back . . .

It's high time I started working on my blog again. I was not very consequent, lately. But some things happened:
We decided to stop with the sleddogsport and we try to find a good home for our youngest doggies. The older dogs stay and they enjoy their pension with us. That’s why we have more time to sail. Last year when my son Niels and I went to Scotland, my husband bought a sailing boat a 16m2. Meanwhile we sailed our first sailing race.
Our son decided to stop with his study and find a job. That means that he can buy my mothers house. He needs to do some things and we will help him.
Also we have addition to the family in the form of a Australian Shepherd bitch with the name Evita. She’s emphatic present and asks a lot of attention.
Last weekend we had a big party because my sweetheart celebrates his 50th birthday. There were ± 40 people for the BBQ and we had a real Irish singer!! That’s why I had not much time to scrap, but I would like to show a few last pieces of work.