Saturday, April 28, 2007


This week we have been very busy painting our livingroom. Everything was still in the colours we chose 11 years ago. We waited that long because our ceiling is 6 meters high! My love has fear of heights and so I had to wait 11 years for another colour.
But …… it was worth it! And I even had some time to scrap last week. The first LO is with my cousins son from Germanyand Niels. As they were young they played a lot together because their mothers(!) are good friends. Now they’re growing up and have their own lifes. The other LO is with our Cairn terrier lady Dunja. She is the youngest and totally fixated on me. Our other lady (her mother) Energy is Henk’s dog. So in the evening – when we are watching TV – Dunja is lying on my lap, Energy on Henk’s. And then there is also our Ragdoll (cat) Lucy. She immediately jumps on my lap if there is a spot free!
We hope to finish the livingroom this weekend and will arrange the furniture.
Next Monday we have a holiday because of Koninginnedag (Queen's birthday). We still celebrate the birthday of our former queen Juliana. A lot of activities are organised in the city and it’s a good day for taking pictures.
My mom is still in hospital. Yesterday they transplanted skin to fill up the hole in her leg After that she has to stay for at least two more weeks. As an only child it's a difficult task to go to the hospital every evening beside my job and our housekeeping. But if there is time for some scrapbooking every now and then, I’ll manage it.

Monday, April 16, 2007

I have to visit my mother everyday, she’s still in hospital. So there’s not much time to scrap. And with this lovely weather the garden is calling! Still I succeed to finish two layouts.
During the Easter weekend I made some beautiful pictures, these ones can be admire over a while on my blog. Also I collect the first order I made by the AH photo shop. And I’m very pleased about it. Nice pictures, good colours and a smart price……