Thursday, March 29, 2007

One new LO

Last week I finished a layout at Birgits. But under some circumstance I had no time to publish it on my blog. But now I have! I started cover a little child book.
First I made it totally bare, after that I covered it with “Blush” from Basic Grey. The start is made, now I y only have to finishe it with pictures from the trip by balloon of son Niels with his grandmother. Temporary I have no time to scrap or to work on my blog.
I took my mother to the hospital, yesterday. I have no brothers or sisters so our little family have to take care of everything. So there will be not much time to scrap. At least I will try to publish a little note every week.
Better times will come obviously. After all there are enough pictures waiting for a LO.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Here I am again.

For a while I was busy with other things. We went for a weekend to Berlin for a sleddog race, just for fun. Henk run with two dogs en was the second in line. With his larger team he went in the wrong direction twice en that costs a lot of time. Also we brought a puppy for friends; this little one will join our friends who live in Berlin. It was a very nice weekend we enjoyed it very much. But unfortunately a few days later I had the flu, I went to bed Wednesday. And back to work on Monday. I had a very important appointment, and was not feeling very well already but duty calls. After that the weather went out lovely so I did a few things in the garden. And was not in de mood anymore for scrapping, even in the weekend I was not in the mood.
And…….. bad luck Henk is ill at the moment. Yesterday when I went home I had also a very bad cold. Anyhow I have been to the office because I MUST go to Birgit this evening. Two weeks ago I also didn’t go to Birgit because of my illness. I will not give up my scrap evening again. I started a new LO at Monday; I'll try to finish it at Birgit’s scrap class. And one way or the other it’s stimulantes me to do something, to show something. I will do my very best to make and show some things on my site. But sometimes there are periods in your live (even in mine) that some things getting a higher priority.
I promise to show more soon ;-)