Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Vati in Lederhose

Although there was hardly time for scrapping this week I managed to complete 2 LO’s.
One with a picture of my dad in “Lederhose” and the other one with a picture of me holding my cousin during her baptism.
This week will be the same menu: working and preparing the dogs and the caravan to get ready for the weekend. We are leaving to Berlin for a race with our Siberians. I’m really looking forward to the weekend, because most snowraces were canceled.
And ….. Saturday my loved one had an appointment in Nieuwegein and asked me to join him. Well …. with a little changing the direction I was able to visit Paper & Pictures in Doorn. You can imagine how that ended: an expensive visit but oh so yammy ……..

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

This week inspiration has gone

The last weeks I was full of inspiration. At the moment it’s over a low flame.
Maybe it’s because of my application which I was not the right candidate or maybe just the spring is in the ear. When the sun shines it’s an invitation to do things outside and when it rains I rather be inside and enjoy my scrapping. We had a lovely and busy weekend: Saterday we take care of the dogs and Sunday we had a really holiday feeling. Early in the morning we drove to Purmerend to visit our friends. Over there we had a delicious breakfast. After that we drove to the beach with the 4 of us and our doggies, 2 cairn terriers, Energy and Doenja for a nice walk on the beach. After our walk we had a drink somewhere on a terrace and went back to Purmerend through a tourist way. When we arrived the lady of the house made a delicious Italian meal. In a word: a super day! This week I MUST finish at least one LO. On my desk there’s a picture from my daddy in “lederhose” waiting for an nice LO.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

More than just LO’s

Last Friday I found out I did not have enough photos left to scrap …..
I have LOTS of photos but not the right ones. So we decided to combine shopping in Assen with searching a direct photo printer. But there was NONE!
I got very sad and disappointed till Henk purposed to
look in the next city : Borger. But …… there was NONE!
By the time we got back home I was to tired to start scrapping. Saturday morning we went to the neighbour village and printed the photo’s there. Why did I try so hard on Friday?!

I was busy with an LO with a photo of me so I finished that one first.

Finally on Monday I started a LO with a photo I really wanted to have before the weekend. Because (I think) the photo is a beauty. I choose a clam LO. Hope you like it too.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Lots of inpiration

Since I have my own blog I’m very enthousiastic about making new layouts and publishing them even though not a lot of people have visted my blog so far. For me it’s a real stimulant! This week I have finished 3 layouts which for me is a record. In the past I was happy if I could scrap in the weekends. Now I just TAKE the time no matter what happens. Our neighbour, Kees, who brings me the newspaper that we share, noticed that lately I’m doing nothing else but ……. however, he knows better.

With a bit luck my dear husband will attend a fair tonight so I’ll have time to work on a new layout. When he’s at home I do (subconsciously) take his needs into consideration.

After tonight there will be more new layouts.

Monday, February 5, 2007


Last weekend I’ve been working very hard to complete a LO for the Challenge at Birgit’sThat one I will public later on this week. For now it’s TOP SECRET . . .
Last Wednesday I started a simple LO about the love of my life “Henk” and finished it at the end of the week. That’s the one I published today. Saturday and Sunday morning (as usual) we trained the Siberians and Sunday afternoon we let the oldest puppies into the dogs playground. It truly was funny to see them exploring something simple as grass . . .
At the end of the playtime they were dirty as pigs but their mother taught them a lot of new lessons. And since we have a DOG DAY already, we’ve been walking with our Cairn Terrier bitches Energy & Doenja too. How about painful muscles today?Today I started an LO with an old photo of Niels and try to finish it this week . . .