Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Busy week

I have had a very busy week. My mother is still in hospital, but it goes better and maybe she will come home on a short term. I never really mist brothers and sisters.
Until the time my mother needs more attention. Besides my work it is loaded up.
Every two week the wednesday evening is my crop evening at Birgits. I will never miss the Wednesday evening at Birgits!

Friday evening we had a breeders meeting from the Australian shepherd club at Zaltbommel. At our way back we had terrible weather, it keeps raining all the time and there was a lot of aquaplaning. We had to drive very slow and because of that we were home very late. Saturday morning we had a long lie-in and in the afternoon we visit my mother in hospital. So Saturday evening we sit on the couch watched TV and had the fire on. What a pleasure!

Sunday morning Henk went for training with the huskies. And I was with Evita to agility. In spite of our 4 lessons, she goes very well.
In the afternoon I have finished the LO I started last wednesday at Birgits.

Because Evita grows very fast I would like to show you the latest picture.
Isn’t she a beauty?

This evening I must finished a task LO (I have a deal with Anniek), so we can start Friday with a new challenge.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Bad Blogger

I know I'm a bad blogger. At the moment there is not so much time left to scrap, because my mom is in hospital (again!) for over 4 weeks now. The best thing happened the last weeks was my 'blind date' with Anniek(!) We got in contact because she take part in a contest at Birgit's. And ... she became a winner. Then she contacted me by mail for thanking I'll voted for her LO. But: she simple was the best. Since then we keep in contact and have been cropping together twice. For the next time we meet we give eachother an order for a LO.
Cropping together is very stimulating. Here are the latest LO's.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

My little big prince

Oh how I love this LO. I love the paper and I love the subject. Eventhough he is 23 years old, he's still my favorite scrap subject.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Some new LO's

Allthough there was not much time for scrapping, I did manage to finish some LO's. The one about Evita is because she is a very naughty dog, allways mischief on her mind . . . But then again she is so cute.
And the violets .....: Every early spring and autumn I love to have violets at our frontdoor. In spring they are telling us that summer is coming and in autumn the violets keep the summer a bit longer to us.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Got a new haircut!

Last week the hairdresser cut my hair very short! I had to get used to it.
My men don’t like it. But I do!

Look at yourself

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Back again

For TO long I haven’t updated my blog. Because of the holidays, illness, another update of my blog, a new design for the scrap room etc etc etc. Sorry for that.

Meanwhile we went on holiday to Sweden en made a few nice pictures from, elks and reindeers. We view a couple of houses, because we have serious plans to buy a second house in Sweden. Where we could spend some time with the dogs en for
our provision for old age. But unfortunately our dream house was not for sale. We love the country and the people so we won’t give up searching. After Sweden we went to Ameland for a long weekend and after that I was sick.

First it’s look like the flu: sometimes high fever, sick, dizzy. But after a week I still felt very sick, and the diagnosis was a virus. Meanwhile my gums were terribly inflamed, so I had to visit the dentist. In short, two weeks of terribly sickness.

I couldn’t work in my scrap room because of my illness. But in the meantime we painted, cover the room with wallpaper, whitewash, put laminate and, there is a big table with 6 chairs ready for lady’s who are just as scrapaddicted as I am . . .

I have to finish the last curtain, a hat rack and a mirror on the wall and then it’s finished!

Have patience for a while.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Here she is!!!

How stupid can you be...
I promised to publish these photo's of Evita, but forgot.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Garden Boy

Wedding day

I'm back . . .

It's high time I started working on my blog again. I was not very consequent, lately. But some things happened:
We decided to stop with the sleddogsport and we try to find a good home for our youngest doggies. The older dogs stay and they enjoy their pension with us. That’s why we have more time to sail. Last year when my son Niels and I went to Scotland, my husband bought a sailing boat a 16m2. Meanwhile we sailed our first sailing race.
Our son decided to stop with his study and find a job. That means that he can buy my mothers house. He needs to do some things and we will help him.
Also we have addition to the family in the form of a Australian Shepherd bitch with the name Evita. She’s emphatic present and asks a lot of attention.
Last weekend we had a big party because my sweetheart celebrates his 50th birthday. There were ± 40 people for the BBQ and we had a real Irish singer!! That’s why I had not much time to scrap, but I would like to show a few last pieces of work.

Saturday, June 2, 2007


I am so happy;-)
In about 3-4 weeks we will have a new family member. Her official name is Casa Ambiente Exquisit for Shageluk and she is an Australian Shepherd doggy born in Germany. We visited her (and the rest of the litter) last saturday and sorry..... but not one of the pictures of her is good enough to show you. As soon as I got some pictures of her breeder I show them.

Il Divo

Last thursday we went to the concert of IL DIVO in Rotterdam. It was more than great!!! The boys do not only look fantastic but hey have wonderfull voices too. We spend a few nights at our friends Doortje & Erwin in Purmerend and had some beautifull days with shopping in Rotterdam, concert Il Divo and friday shopping in Amstelveen.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Computer repaired

Finally the computer is repaired. I had some problems with my power supply. But my son managed to fix it. But then I had no program to edit my pictures. But ….. everything is working now. In the meantime my mother is back home. She is recovering well and that makes my live a lot easier. No more trips to the hospital every day, but visiting at the day and time I prefer. Yesterday evening I was cropping at Birgits. In the meantime I made some new LO’s at home.
I’m looking forward to next Saturday. We go visit our puppy in Germany. She is born 29-04-2007 and is about a month then. Good object for new pictures ;-)

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Yesterday we planned to visit a friend for a boat trip. But he was not at home… So we took the time to make some pictures of the puppies. And they are so pretty that I would like to show you some.

Saturday, April 28, 2007


This week we have been very busy painting our livingroom. Everything was still in the colours we chose 11 years ago. We waited that long because our ceiling is 6 meters high! My love has fear of heights and so I had to wait 11 years for another colour.
But …… it was worth it! And I even had some time to scrap last week. The first LO is with my cousins son from Germanyand Niels. As they were young they played a lot together because their mothers(!) are good friends. Now they’re growing up and have their own lifes. The other LO is with our Cairn terrier lady Dunja. She is the youngest and totally fixated on me. Our other lady (her mother) Energy is Henk’s dog. So in the evening – when we are watching TV – Dunja is lying on my lap, Energy on Henk’s. And then there is also our Ragdoll (cat) Lucy. She immediately jumps on my lap if there is a spot free!
We hope to finish the livingroom this weekend and will arrange the furniture.
Next Monday we have a holiday because of Koninginnedag (Queen's birthday). We still celebrate the birthday of our former queen Juliana. A lot of activities are organised in the city and it’s a good day for taking pictures.
My mom is still in hospital. Yesterday they transplanted skin to fill up the hole in her leg After that she has to stay for at least two more weeks. As an only child it's a difficult task to go to the hospital every evening beside my job and our housekeeping. But if there is time for some scrapbooking every now and then, I’ll manage it.

Monday, April 16, 2007

I have to visit my mother everyday, she’s still in hospital. So there’s not much time to scrap. And with this lovely weather the garden is calling! Still I succeed to finish two layouts.
During the Easter weekend I made some beautiful pictures, these ones can be admire over a while on my blog. Also I collect the first order I made by the AH photo shop. And I’m very pleased about it. Nice pictures, good colours and a smart price……

Thursday, March 29, 2007

One new LO

Last week I finished a layout at Birgits. But under some circumstance I had no time to publish it on my blog. But now I have! I started cover a little child book.
First I made it totally bare, after that I covered it with “Blush” from Basic Grey. The start is made, now I y only have to finishe it with pictures from the trip by balloon of son Niels with his grandmother. Temporary I have no time to scrap or to work on my blog.
I took my mother to the hospital, yesterday. I have no brothers or sisters so our little family have to take care of everything. So there will be not much time to scrap. At least I will try to publish a little note every week.
Better times will come obviously. After all there are enough pictures waiting for a LO.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Here I am again.

For a while I was busy with other things. We went for a weekend to Berlin for a sleddog race, just for fun. Henk run with two dogs en was the second in line. With his larger team he went in the wrong direction twice en that costs a lot of time. Also we brought a puppy for friends; this little one will join our friends who live in Berlin. It was a very nice weekend we enjoyed it very much. But unfortunately a few days later I had the flu, I went to bed Wednesday. And back to work on Monday. I had a very important appointment, and was not feeling very well already but duty calls. After that the weather went out lovely so I did a few things in the garden. And was not in de mood anymore for scrapping, even in the weekend I was not in the mood.
And…….. bad luck Henk is ill at the moment. Yesterday when I went home I had also a very bad cold. Anyhow I have been to the office because I MUST go to Birgit this evening. Two weeks ago I also didn’t go to Birgit because of my illness. I will not give up my scrap evening again. I started a new LO at Monday; I'll try to finish it at Birgit’s scrap class. And one way or the other it’s stimulantes me to do something, to show something. I will do my very best to make and show some things on my site. But sometimes there are periods in your live (even in mine) that some things getting a higher priority.
I promise to show more soon ;-)

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Vati in Lederhose

Although there was hardly time for scrapping this week I managed to complete 2 LO’s.
One with a picture of my dad in “Lederhose” and the other one with a picture of me holding my cousin during her baptism.
This week will be the same menu: working and preparing the dogs and the caravan to get ready for the weekend. We are leaving to Berlin for a race with our Siberians. I’m really looking forward to the weekend, because most snowraces were canceled.
And ….. Saturday my loved one had an appointment in Nieuwegein and asked me to join him. Well …. with a little changing the direction I was able to visit Paper & Pictures in Doorn. You can imagine how that ended: an expensive visit but oh so yammy ……..

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

This week inspiration has gone

The last weeks I was full of inspiration. At the moment it’s over a low flame.
Maybe it’s because of my application which I was not the right candidate or maybe just the spring is in the ear. When the sun shines it’s an invitation to do things outside and when it rains I rather be inside and enjoy my scrapping. We had a lovely and busy weekend: Saterday we take care of the dogs and Sunday we had a really holiday feeling. Early in the morning we drove to Purmerend to visit our friends. Over there we had a delicious breakfast. After that we drove to the beach with the 4 of us and our doggies, 2 cairn terriers, Energy and Doenja for a nice walk on the beach. After our walk we had a drink somewhere on a terrace and went back to Purmerend through a tourist way. When we arrived the lady of the house made a delicious Italian meal. In a word: a super day! This week I MUST finish at least one LO. On my desk there’s a picture from my daddy in “lederhose” waiting for an nice LO.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

More than just LO’s

Last Friday I found out I did not have enough photos left to scrap …..
I have LOTS of photos but not the right ones. So we decided to combine shopping in Assen with searching a direct photo printer. But there was NONE!
I got very sad and disappointed till Henk purposed to
look in the next city : Borger. But …… there was NONE!
By the time we got back home I was to tired to start scrapping. Saturday morning we went to the neighbour village and printed the photo’s there. Why did I try so hard on Friday?!

I was busy with an LO with a photo of me so I finished that one first.

Finally on Monday I started a LO with a photo I really wanted to have before the weekend. Because (I think) the photo is a beauty. I choose a clam LO. Hope you like it too.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Lots of inpiration

Since I have my own blog I’m very enthousiastic about making new layouts and publishing them even though not a lot of people have visted my blog so far. For me it’s a real stimulant! This week I have finished 3 layouts which for me is a record. In the past I was happy if I could scrap in the weekends. Now I just TAKE the time no matter what happens. Our neighbour, Kees, who brings me the newspaper that we share, noticed that lately I’m doing nothing else but ……. however, he knows better.

With a bit luck my dear husband will attend a fair tonight so I’ll have time to work on a new layout. When he’s at home I do (subconsciously) take his needs into consideration.

After tonight there will be more new layouts.

Monday, February 5, 2007


Last weekend I’ve been working very hard to complete a LO for the Challenge at Birgit’sThat one I will public later on this week. For now it’s TOP SECRET . . .
Last Wednesday I started a simple LO about the love of my life “Henk” and finished it at the end of the week. That’s the one I published today. Saturday and Sunday morning (as usual) we trained the Siberians and Sunday afternoon we let the oldest puppies into the dogs playground. It truly was funny to see them exploring something simple as grass . . .
At the end of the playtime they were dirty as pigs but their mother taught them a lot of new lessons. And since we have a DOG DAY already, we’ve been walking with our Cairn Terrier bitches Energy & Doenja too. How about painful muscles today?Today I started an LO with an old photo of Niels and try to finish it this week . . .

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I'm sooooo sorry . . .

I was just a bit sad that I didn't get any comment. But this evening - at Birgit's - I found out what was wrong. My settings were not right. But now anyone can give as much comments as they like.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

No scrapping

Aaarrgh: Last weekend there was no time for scrap activities. Friday finaly finished the blog. Saturday we trained the dogs in the morning and then we cleaned the kennels. For the evening we were invited by friends to go out for dinner and that was realy good!!! Sunday the same ritual in the morning with the dogs. After that we ended up at my mothers place. Coming home late I fell asleep .....
I'm loooking forward for the planned cropping wednesday evening at Birgit's.

And because most of the time last weekend was for the doggies, here is some impression of the puppies.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Some layouts

Enough for today, finishing the blog.

But I like to show you one of the lessons Tracy White shares in the newest CK. This one really touches me: "If you want a little passion in your life, start scrapbooking. Scrapbookers are passionate".

And ..... I like to share some layouts of mine I made earlier. Have fun:-)

Finaly: My blog is ready.

With much help of son Niels I now have my own blog.
I want to mainly keep you informed of my scrapping live here.
Of course the daily things of live will be added here.
It won't be possible for me to update daily, but i'll do my best to post my newest creations.
Just check back often ;)